Lal Singh stoops low, plays politics over Shujaat’s killing

Lal Singh stoops low, plays politics over Shujaat’s killing
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, June 24: Former BJP Minister Chaudary Lal Singh invoking the brutal murder of the Chief Editor of Rising Kashmir Shujaat Bukhari to threaten the Kashmir based journalists has shocked everyone.
“It’s unfortunate that BJP leader has stooped so low and is playing politics over Shujaat’s assassination. Despite Singh threatening the Kashhmiri scribes BJP has maintained silence over the issue,” an analyst told Precious Kashmir.
He said that after Singh’s statement stirred the Hornet’s nest instead of regretting it he took to the social networking site twitter and described Kashmiri journalists as “militant sympathizers” and claimed that he has rung the alarm bells to make them aware that they could be the “next targets.”
“It seems that Lal Singh is angry with the Kashmiri journalists for many reasons. One of the big reasons for him being upset is that scribes from Kashmir exposed the dirty role he played while defending the accused,who were booked and arrested in connection with the rape and murder of an eight-year old nomad girl in Kathua district. He was forced to resign for taking part in the pro-rapist rally in Hiranagar,” said a Kashmir watcher.
He said that Lal Singh by threatening the Kashmiri journalists has exposed himself. “All political parties have demanded action against Singh and have blamed him for stoking communal tensions in Jammu and Kashmir,” the Kashmir watcher added.
A politician said, “Singh enjoys close proximity with the BJP top-brass and his political activities in Jammu had started much before the BJP pulled out from the coalition government in the state. He enjoys the full backing of his bosses and he knows that he can get away with anything as the BJP has already sounded the poll bugle for the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Jammu region.”
He said that Singh by giving such statements wants to prove it to his bosses that he is “Mr Right” for BJP to carry on with its campaign in Jammu region. “Most BJP leaders believe that only hardline approach can make them win the elections and anything is fair in politics. Even politicizing the tragedies and murders,” the politician added.
He said, “When Lal Singh triggered a row BJP national president was in Jammu and he could have easily condemned Singh’s statement but he remained silent. In a way he endorsed what Singh said.”
Kashmiri journalists have taken a strong note of Singh’s statement and are mulling a legal action against him as he has given a threat to everyone and has attacked the freedom of speech.