Water crisis worsens in Kishtwar: Kichloo


Kishtwar, Jun 24: Senior National Conference leader and former minister Sajjad Ahmad Kichloo on Sunday said that Kishtwar is facing acute shortage of drinking water and people are forced to fetch it from hand pumps and streams, which causes lot of inconvenience to them.
In a statement, Kichloo said that the inhabitants of Kishtwar have to travel a lot to reach the hand pumps to fetch water and after toiling hard to fill up the canes, buckets and other water storage utensils. He said the women were particularly facing lot of problems by travelling several kilometers to fetch water in Kishtwar and its adjoining areas.
Similar problems are being faced in Pocchal, Hatta, Sangrabata, Malipath , Shaheedi road kishtwar, Link road, Tund, Hidyal, Sarkoot and interior areas of the Kishtwar town which forced the people to come out on streets and stage protest in support of their demands, he added.
He lamented that the concerned department has been supplying drinking water on discriminatory basis and not giving any heed to the grievances of the people.
Kichloo said that during the month of holy Ramadan, people faced acute shortage of drinking water as PHE department failed in ensuring regulated water supply.
He asked the District administration to constitute a task force for checking the illegal supply of water to the influential persons, so that the people in general get regulated supplies.