Hakeem Yaseen seeks FIR against Lal Singh for threatening scribes

Srinagar, Jun 24: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib, Hakeem Yaseen has strongly condemned the statement of BJP MLA, Choudhary Lal Singh in which he, by invoking gruesome assassination of Syed Shujaat Bukhari, has threatened the Kashmir based media fraternity to take care of yourselves and draw a line. He has also sought investigation by the Accountability Commission (AC) on allegations of corruption charges leveled by BJP national president, Amit Shah against his party’s former alley PDP.
Hakeem Yaseen, while condemning threat remarks of BJP MLA, Choudhary Lal Singh, against Kashmir based media persons, has demanded registration of an FIR against him adding that such derogatory utterances should not be tolerated and taken lightly at any cost. He said soft approach towards such hate mongers would only go to further widen the void between the people on the basis of regional and religion basis.
Hakeem Yaseen said that the PDP-BJP coalition government was destined to a big failure from its day one as both these parties were poles apart by conviction. “But it was only for their power lust that they betrayed the people’s mandate and cobbled an unholy alliance which only brought untold sufferings to the people, Hakeem Yaseen added.
He said that this coalition government was always infamous for its worst ever corrupt practices in the history of the state which has now been vindicated from the recent statement of the BJP’s national president Amit Shah, wherein he has leveled large scale corruption charges on the PDP lead PDP-BJP coalition Government. “Now that Amit Shah has himself admitted corruption during the last PDP-BJP regime, why should AC not take a suo-moto cognizance and thoroughly investigate these allegation so that truth comes to the fore,” Hakeem Yaseen asserted.
He said, it was a fact that both PDP and BJP parties have betrayed the mandate of people for the sake of power which has brought the state to the brink of disaster both economically and politically.
He said not only this, different political parties at national and state levels have never respected sentiments and emotions of the people of the state and have betrayed their mandate every now and then for the sake of petty political gains and to appease their godfathers at center, which has now boom ranged into an armed resistance.
“Due to wrong policies of political establishments, alienation among the youth seems to have reached to the level of no return,”” Hakeem Yaseen said while asking the Governor N N Vohra to put in his past experiences and wisdom to control the situation. He asked the Governor to address the grievances of the people on war footing especially on economic and employment fronts. “Mr. Vohra has on many occasions , in the past also handled the tough situations confronting the state , Hakeem Yaseen observed and hoped that this time also he will come up to the expectations of the people.
Hakeem Yaseen has further said that instead of talking about fresh elections, first priority should be restoration of peace in the restive state, healing touch to the sufferings of the people and ending prevailing alienation among the people. (KNS)