Regional parties need to introspect

Regional parties need to introspect
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Independent MLA Er Rashid has floated an idea that both National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party should join hands to send a message to Delhi to prove that they want to serve people and are not power hungry.
But it seems that there are no takers for Er Rashid’s idea. Most of us know that NC and PDP won’t join hands at least at this juncture as they know it very well that J&K government cannot survive without New Delhi’s blessings. At this point of time PDP and NC won’t join hands as they want to play safe.
The politics in Jammu and Kashmir is completely different from other states where grand alliances are formed. History stands testimony to the fact that no government in Jammu and Kashmir has ever been independent. New Delhi has never allowed regional parties to stand on their own feet and have always kept them dependent on Centre.
In 1996 when NC came into power in the state with full majority New Delhi came up with n idea to float another political party in the state and the PDP was formed. In 2002 PDP with just 16 seats formed the government with the support of Congress. In 2009 alliance partner for Congress changed and NC took over the reins of the state with the support of Congress.
For the past 16-years none of the regional parties have been able to form the government on their own as the voters are divided. On the other hand Jammu region which has got 37 assembly seats has always supported the national parties and in 2014 assembly polls 25 out of 37 seats were won by BJP.
Kashmiri politicians should introspect and decide what should be their future course of action to get united or remain divided.