PDP on crossroads

PDP on crossroads
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The fall of PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir has opened a Pandora’s box. The BJP has taken its former ally head on and is blaming PDP for everything. However, the opposition National Conference is blaming both the parties for the mess the state is in.
The collapse of the PDP-BJP government has triggered speculations that PDP may split and the PDP MLAs are approaching National Conference and Congress to seek asylum.
The BJP has left the PDP in complete disarray and it’s yet to come out from the shock. The saffron party has shifted its focus on Jammu and Ladakh as both the regions have 41 assembly seats and if the party wins these seats in the next assembly polls it can be in a commanding position.
The BJP has strengthened its position by pulling out from the government and its leaders have gone back to their constituency claiming that they sacrificed the power for the sake of people. On the other hand PDP leaders cannot even return to the people who had voted for the party in 2014 assembly polls. South Kashmir which was considered to be the PDP’s bastion has turned into a hot bed of militancy and it has become a “no-go” zone for the politicians.
PDP is facing huge crisis and party would have to make a Herculean effort to come out from the crisis. During the past three years many people had warned PDP about the consequences but its leaders never paid a heed. BJP has stolen the show and its leaders are out to secure their constituency. Unfortunately PDP has been left with no constituency and it would have to make a new beginning.