Take everyone on board

Take everyone on board
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Peace activist O P Shaw visiting Kashmir and meeting people from different walks of life indicates that track-II diplomacy is still on and many people still believe that a way out could be found to end the crisis in Kashmir.
According to media reports Shaw is of the opinion that clock should be reversed to 1947 and J&K’s autonomy should be restored.
Any solution could be found when New Delhi talks to the stakeholders and involves Pakistan in the process. Kashmiris are being told that solutions are being worked out and “sky is the limit” but on the ground nothing has happened. During “peace times” New Delhi forgets autonomy and other options when situation deteriorates people sitting in the national capital start exploring the options.
O P Shaw is not the first peace activist who has visited Kashmir to find a way out. Many activists have visited Kashmir during the past 30-years to find a way out but till date no one has succeeded. The only option which New Delhi has explored during all these years has been the use of force. And all the possible attempts have been made to “enforce peace” in the strife torn Valley.
If New Delhi really wants peace to return to Kashmir then it has to take everyone on board, including Pakistan and the militant leadership. Nothing can be achieved by sending peace activists and indulging in the futile exercises which may not yield any results. Delhi needs to understand the gravity of the situation and needs to acknowledge the ground realities. Just buying time won’t help anyone’s cause.