Muscular policy can’t work in J&K: Mehbooba

Muscular policy can’t work in J&K: Mehbooba
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Srinagar, Jun 19: Less than an hour after tendering her resignation as the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir following pullout by the BJP from the coalition government, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti said J&K is not an enemy territory and muscle power can’t work here.
Mehbooba said PDP’s healing touch was the only way forward to restore peace and normalcy in the state.
The PDP president further said that her party will not seek support from any other party to form a government.
Meanwhile, refusing to describe the pull out by BJP from the coalition government as betrayal, Mehbooba said the alliance was done for a big vision despite opposition from people, particularly in Kashmir valley.
She said that muscular power will never work in the Jammu and Kashmir, indirectly referring to statements by BJP leaders that Army will go all out in the valley.
Addressing a press conference after handing over her resignation to Governor N N Vohra, she said the PDP had entered into an alliance with the BJP in the larger interest of peace and prosperity in the state.
“BJP got mandate in Jammu while in Kashmir valley we (PDP) was voted by the people,” she said, adding the PDP entered into an alliance though people were against it.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi got a very big mandate and we sincerely think that with the alliance with BJP we could bring out the state from the sufferings,” she said, adding it took several months to form the coalition government after thorough discussion and finally arriving at Agenda of Alliance (AoA). “There was a clear mention of holding talks with separatists in Kashmir, Pakistan and not to raise issues of contention between two parties, including Article 370 and Article 35 A,” she said.
“We defended Article 370 and Article 35 A for three years,” she said, adding Government of India (GoI) offered talks to separatists, extended a hand of friendship to Pakistan, withdraw cases against about 11000 youths and announced Ramadhan ceasefire.
However, she said talks offer and ceasefire offered by Union Home minister Rajnath Singh could not get any positive response from the other side.
“After many years people were living in peace and they were roaming freely in the valley due to Ramadhan ceasefire. But, there were people who were adamant to end this ceasefire and they were successful in doing so,” Mehbooba said.
But, she said the agenda of healing touch of the PDP, including initiation of talks with Pakistan and opening of various cross-LoC routes, is the only way forward.
Mehbooba said during her government, she tried to integrate all the three regions of the state. “After BJP got a good mandate in Jammu, the minority community living there had some apprehensions. But my government tried to built confidence among the minority community by strictly handling cases like Rasana in Kathua case (gang rape and murder of a minor girl) and cow vigilantism. We tried to keep Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh together,” she said.
The PDP president said that she is satisfied as her party tried its best to fulfill the aim of Mufti Mohammad Syeed to forge this alliance with the BJP.
Mehbooba said the decision of BJP to putout was not a shock for her as the alliance was not forged to assume power but to pull the state out of the difficulties and problem. “If the purpose of the alliance would have been to come to power, we had other options like NC and Congress. NC and Congress offered to support PDP, but we declined,” she said.
Rejecting government formations in an alliance with any other party, Mehbooba said in ‘my resignation letter submitted to the Governor, I have clearly stated that PDP doesn’t want to explore any other alliance’.