Rahul Gandhi Breaks Silence On Delhi Deadlock, Targets PM, Arvind Kejriwal


NEW DELHI: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi broke his silence today about Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s sit-in protest and the resulting impasse in Delhi. While the main target was Prime Minister Narendra Modi, neither his party, the BJP, nor the Chief Minister was spared for creating what he called “anarchy”. This is the first time Mr Gandhi has referred to the week-long protest by the Delhi Chief Minister.
The leaders of the Congress — which was wiped out by AAP in the 2015 assembly elections after three terms in power — have heaped criticism on Mr Kejriwal. The list of detractors not only includes state party chief Ajay Maken but also former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.
The stance of the Congress has placed it far apart from the other opposition parties when efforts are on to build a common front to oust the BJP from power in next year’s general elections.
Most opposition parties, and even BJP allies Shiv Sena and Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal United, have rallied behind Mr Kejriwal.The matter has seen longtime rivals like Mamata Banerjee and the CPM on the same side.