Health benefits of pomegranate


Pomegranate – rubies in a shell or rubies for your health, there are several ways to describe this delec-table fruit because of its health benefits. And a definite plus point to pomegranate’s many health benefits is the fact that it is available all year round. However, many underestimate it, making the humble pomegranate an underdog in the healthy fruits department. Today we pay tribute to this wonder fruit by bringing you the health benefits of pomegranates in this post.Pomegranate health benefit #1: Free radicalsWe may not be aware but pomegranates are a rich source of antioxidants. Therefore, it helps to protect your body’s cells from free radicals, which cause premature aging. Free radi-cals are formed due to exposure to the sun and harmful toxins from the environment.Pomegranate health benefit #2: Natural blood thinnersThere are two kinds of blood clots: The first kind speeds skin recovery from topical injuries like cuts and bruises. Here it is important that the blood clots immediately to avoid lose of blood. The second kind of blood clot is internal and danger-ous; examples would include blood clots in the heart and ar-teries, also urinary retention. Here you don’t want the blood to clot as the effects are lethal.To smoothen out the blood you need pomegranate seeds, as the antioxidant properties help it act like a ‘thinner for paints’. The seeds prevent your blood platelets from coagulat-ing and forming clots.Pomegranate health benefit #3: Prevention of atherosclerosisWith age, and bad lifestyle habits, the artery walls harden with cholesterol and other substances, causing blockages. The antioxidant properties of a pomegranate prevent low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol from oxidizing. This essentially means that pomegranates prevent the harden-ing of the artery walls with excess fat, leaving your arteries fat free and pumping with anti-oxidants.Pomegranate health benefit #4: Pomegranates act like an oxygen maskIn simple words, pomegranate juice pumps the level of oxygen in your blood. The antioxidants reduce cholesterol, fight free radicals and pre-vents blood clots. This eventually helps the blood to flow freely in your body in turn im-proving the oxygen levels in your blood.Pomegranate health benefit #5: Arthritis pre-ventionPomegranate health benefits run bone deep; it can reduce the damage on the cartilage for those hit with arthritis. This fruit has the abil-ity to lessen the inflammation and fights the enzymes that destroy the cartilage.Pomegranate health benefit #6: Fight erectile dysfunctionThis could well be on Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Pomegranate can also cure this embarrass-ing problem. But mind you, it is not a wonder drug; pomegranate juice can improve erectile dysfunction only moderately. Research is inconclusive, but this theory has found some supporters.Pomegranate health benefit #7: Fights prostrate cancer and heart diseasesAgain, this is inconclusive and not binding, but two separate studies claim that pomegranate juice helps fight prostrate cancer. In one lab experiment, the juices “slowed the growth of the cultured cancer cells and promoted cell death”. In the sec-ond experiment, pomegranate juice improved the condition of the blood, hence improving the health of individuals down with cardio-vascular diseases.A word of caution: Pomegranate juice may react to a heart patient’s medication.Other healing effects of pomegranate