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Gunmen killing the Chief Editor of Rising Kashmir Shujaat Bukhari in Srinagar has broken many hearts. The mediamen in Kashmir have watched the conflict closely since 1990 and have always reported the pain and miseries of their own people.
Shujaat as a person was humble and a perfect human being, journalists always appreciated his courage and guts. He starting his own publications in Srinagar encouraged many young scribesto come forward and opt for journalism as their career.
Prior to Shujaat on Feb 1, 2003, Parvaz Muhammad Sultan, editor of a local news agency NAFA was shot dead in his office.
On September 10, 1995 cameraman Mushtaq Ali was killed in a bomb attack believed to be aimed at former BBC correspondent Yusuf Jameel who miraculously escaped with injuries.
At least half a dozen journalists have been killed in Srinagar in the past 28 years. In 1991, the editor of Urdu daily Alsaffa News was shot dead in his office.
Since 1990, mediamen have always tried to reach the places where from everyone runs away. On many occasions they have paid with their lives while covering the conflict. Shujaat’s killing is clear a message to the media men that they could be the next target.
Kashmir has lost one of the brave journalists who stood for the truth and always tried to give voice the voiceless. Shujaat has left behind his legacy and the publications started by him would always keep him alive in the hearts of people. He is no more with us but the courage shown by him would always inspire the journalists to side with the truth.