Killing of Shujaat Bukhari dastardly: Hashim Qureshi

Srinagar, Jun 15: Democratic Party Liberation (DPL) chairman, Hashim Qureshi on Friday condemned the killing of senior journalist and Rising Kashmir editor, Shujaat Bukhari, saying he was killed as he believed in the resolution of Kashmir through dialogue and non-violent methodology.
“For nearly thirty years in the past I have been persistently advocating against violence and use of brute force. I have consistently held that the gun is the enemy of Kashmiris because violence is against the very culture of Kashmir. It is very unfortunate that anybody taking courage to speak out the truth and expose the ground reality is removed from the scene through the use of brute force,”Hashim said.
“What kind of freedom do these gun wielders want? The reason for the broad day murder of Shujaat Bukhari and his two bodyguards is that he believed in the resolution of Kashmir issue through dialogue and non-violent methodology,” he said.
Qureshi said that he was made to pay for his conviction of a peaceful solution to Kashmir imbroglio. “Actually, he was worry of continued fighting in Kashmir that took a heavy toll of Kashmiri community. He together with his two body guards had to sacrifice their lives for upholding their conviction of a peaceful and non-violent campaign in the Indian part of Kashmir. Imagine the brutality of his assassins that he was done away with on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan?,” he said.
“People in Kashmir are understanding things and they know who kills who and why? I must state that the Kashmiri community is tired of this proxy war and perfidy and it is seeking release from an atmosphere of fear and intimidation,” Qureshi said.
“We strongly condemn violence and killing committed whether buy the militants or by the security forces. I appeal all to give up the gun and allow the people of Kashmir live a life of freedom from fear. Killing of intellectuals and journalists indicates that an attempt is made to forestall the intellectual evolution of human mind,”. (KNS)