Sprouts for a healthy living

Benefits of sprouts are immense and intangible.
Protein intake is essential to one’s metabolism . Pulses, rich in nutritional properties are known for their protein rich qualities. And when a pulse is sprouted, it becomes even a healthier source of more protein and more nutritive elements that are considered good for a sound metabolic process.
Here’s how you can think of using sprouts in your daily cooking
Sprouted legumes as vegetables
Instead of cooking a plane dal, sprouted pulses such as sprouted beans, sprouted chana, sprouted moong et al can be cooked like vegetables with a tadka and a dash of garlic. A healthy recipe, for sure.
Sprout salads
A heady mix of sprouted legumes, either cooked or raw can be used to make salad of your choice prepared in a salad oil. The texture and taste of sprouted salad is very different and interesting. It is healthy too.
How to sprout at home
Most vegetable vendors and super markets stock up sprouts. You can either pick these from these outlets or can even make sprouts at home. For sprouting, you need to soak the legume overnight. Rinse the water off. Now put the legume in a sprouter and wait till it sprouts. Don’t leave too much water in the sprouter. Put water enough to keep the legume moist so that the sprouting process take off.