Take everyone along

Take everyone along
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Authorities have intensified the market checking across Kashmir ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr as the reports about black marketing and the commodities being sold at higher rates are pouring from many places.
It’s not for the first time that rates have increased ahead of any major festival. It happens every year. We cannot only blame the authorities for the rates skyrocketing. We as a society should bear in mind we have to wake up and ensure that such things don’t happen. The businessmen and traders are among us and they have to be counseled and told that rates should not be increased when any festival approaches. Such issues have to be sorted out at our own level and it’s not necessary that ball has to be put in the court of the government every time. We need to do something on our own.
Festive season always leads to business activities witnessing a boom. During this season shopkeepers should offer discounts and other options to attract more and more customers rather than increasing the rates.
Eid shoppers who throng the markets should bear in mind that they should not indulge in pomp and show. They need to make purchases within limits to avoid extravaganza.
People who can afford should ensure that they donate generously in the holy month of Ramadan and help the needy. As a society it’s our duty to take care of orphans and needy people. Eid is not only about shopping and spending money. It’s about taking care of everyone. One hopes that people of Kashmir would set an example and ensure that no one is left out on this auspicious occasion.