PDP facing dissent?

PDP facing dissent?
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Senior Peoples Democratic Party leader and former Minister Abdul Haq Khan, who was dropped during the cabinet reshuffle one and a half month ago, has spilled the beans and has indicated that all is not well within the PDP.
He took nearly 45-days to break his silence and express his dismay about him being dropped from the cabinet. During the past three years PDP and BJP the coalition partners in Jammu and Kashmir have reshuffled most of the ministers. BJP has almost changed all its ministers, including the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh. Barring a few loyalists PDP too has kept on shuffling its ministers.
Since the day PDP and BJP have joined hands in Jammu and Kashmir PDP leaders on many occasions have indicated that there is dissent within the party and the signs of rebellion seem visible.
Soon after the death of the late Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed a few PDP leaders were reportedly trying to split the party and enter into an alliance with the BJP. After Mehbooba Mufti became the Chief Minister she dropped a few ministers who were a part of her late father’s cabinet. These ministers were later inducted into the council of ministers but after the top PDP leadership drove home a point that indiscipline won’t be tolerated. Now as the clock is ticking and elections seem coming near the disgruntled leaders have started opening up. It looks like that they want to strike a better deal with the party this time around.
The PDP is walking on a tight rope and it would have to keep its flock together to ensure that it remains intact and is able to take on the opponents. Prior to 2020 assembly polls, 2019 parliamentary elections would indicate where PDP stands.