News Analysis Pakistani woman ‘ditched’ by a Kashmiri man in dire straits

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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, Jun 11: A case of a Kashmiri man, who married a Pakistani girl nine years ago, has been hogging the headlines for the past few days.
According to the media reports the man is making desperate efforts to get his wife deported despite the poor woman having two kids, who are born in Kashmir and are Indian citizens. The man, who is considered to be very influential has even approached the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs and has described his wife as a threat to “national security.”
The victim woman has written an open letter depicting the miseries and the ordeals she has faced since the day she got married to this Kashmiri man. Despite her husband drawing a handsome salary, the woman and her two children have been left to fend for themselves. What an irony!
This news story about a failed love marriage has been making rounds for the past few days but the people who matter and can intervene to help this poor woman, who has no acquaintances in Kashmir, have not reacted. Nor is anyone coming forward to help this woman, who left everything behind and got married to a Kashmiri man with a hope that they he would keep her happy forever.
An analyst while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “Kashmiri society should come forward and help this poor woman, who despite all odds wants to live in the Valley for the sake of her two children as she knows it very well that she can’t go back to her country.”
He said, “She could be anyone’s daughter and she needs to be treated like our own daughter. If her husband is found guilty of torturing her and making her life miserable he should be taken to task.”
A senior citizen said, “The open letter written by the victim has shattered our hearts. We need to reach out to her and lend a helping hand. She has been deserted by a man, who made her leave everything and brought her here.”
He said, “Now that man is claiming that he has divorced her and won’t sponsor her visa. One can imagine the ordeal she has undergone during all these year. One of her kids died in the hospital and another in her womb due to the alleged torture of her husband.”
A politician said, “We have a woman Chief Minister at place. She needs to intervene and see to it that the victim doesn’t face anymore harassment and torture just for being a Pakistani. Her dispute with husband can be settled at a later stage but at present she needs all the possible help.”