Delhi needs to clear ambiguity

Delhi needs to clear ambiguity
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The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh while winding up his Kashmir visit said that New Delhi is ready to talk to “right-minded” people and it’s not necessary that they should be “like-minded.”
Without explaining the contours of the talks process he has hinted that New Delhi is ready to talk to anyone. Rajnath’s statement seems ambiguous and he may not find many takers.
Hurriyat leadership has already made it clear that talks should not be held for the sake of talks. And these should be result oriented. They have dropped enough hints that they would not hold parleys with the Interlocutor appointed by the Centre and they want to get engaged at the highest level.
It seems people sitting in New Delhi have forgotten that talks with Kashmiris are being held for the past 70-years but till date no solution has been found as Delhi has maintained that J&K is an “integral” part of India.
The present dialogue offer seems to be aimed at just engaging the separatists and nothing more. Till date no formal invitation has been forwarded to them for talks and it looks difficult that any invitation would be sent to them as Home Minister made it clear that “There is nothing more to offer.”
Talks or no talks that time only would decide. Even if the separatists come forward for talks can New Delhi offer them anything? People sitting in Delhi should make it clear what they have to offer. Do they want to just have a casual meeting with the Kashmiri leaders or they want to carry forward the process. New Delhi seems confused it has to clear the air for process to move forward.