International community responsible for suffering of Palestinians, Kashmiris: Malik

Srinagar, Jun 8: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik on Friday while addressing a mammoth gathering at Chrar-I-Shareef on the occasion of Jummatul wida, said, “people of Jammu Kashmir, Palestine and other suppressed nations desire to live with dignity, honor and freedom but international community is denying them these basic human desires. Our struggle for freedom and self determination is genuine and legitimated and use of military means, political gimmicks or oppressive measures can not deter this nation from pursuing this sacred goal. Only way to ensure lasting peace, prosperity, development and tranquility is to accept this reality and right of Kashmiris and grant it to them without any further delay.”
Earlier to lead rally, JKLF chairman managed to reach Chrar-I-Shareef after evading police barriers and barricades and reached the sacred shrine at Nimaz- I-Jummah.
After Friday prayers, people especially youth raising passionate slogans in favor of freedom and resistance took JKLF chairman on their shoulders. This rally took the shape of a grand people’s procession which was addressed by JKLF chairman and other JKLF leaders.
In his address, JKLF chairman said that Jammu Kashmir has been turned into a killing field where Indian colonial forces are killing humans at will and no one among the international community seems to bother or feel any pain. In fact international community on many occasions chooses to blame the oppressed Kashmiris for being killed, maimed, blinded and vandalized. Similarly Palestinians are being brutalized by Zionist Israel and international community especially the US instead of stopping killers is seen vetoing at UNO to shield Israeli crimes.
JKLF chairman said that today the civilized world has started giving preference to trade ties and strategic military and political partnerships over humanity, human rights, human dignity and human lives and this attitude has turned the whole universe into a battle field where human blood is spilled without any regret or shame. He said that humans in Jammu Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Chechnya, Libya, Afghanistan and many other places in the world are facing catastrophes’ because of the callous , inhuman and unfortunate attitude of the international community.
JKLF chairman said that Kashmir has been turned into a killing field where on daily basis young and old are being slaughtered with impunity by Indian colonial forces and no one among the human community seem to feel any pain on this human catastrophe.
Replying the assertions of Indian Home Minster about resistance camp playing with the future of new Kashmiri generations, JKLF chairman said that how can those people who are killing our young ones, blinding our budding flowers and maiming our kith and kin especially from last four years have the audacity to deliver sermons on saving new generations . Did not they feel any shame or regret on the oppression they have unleashed on these young Kashmiris, said JKLF chairman. (KNS)