Fate of 40 thousand SSA teachers hangs in balance, PDP BJP govt unmoved: NC


Srinagar, Jun 8: National Conference Friday castigated PDP BJP government for its failure in evolving a mechanism to address the grievances of the protesting SSA teachers.
In a statement issued form party headquarters Nawa e Subah, Provincial Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar demanded that the pending salaries of all forty thousand Serva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) teachers be released forthwith. “It’s a shame that even after months of confrontation, Mehbooba Mufti led government has failed to resolve this crisis resulting in large scale sufferings to the teacher community and their families. In view of the upcoming Eid ul Fitr festivities, the crisis has augmented and is getting worse for the teachers and their dependents,” he said.
Demanding that the State Government devise a robust mechanism to streamline salaries of SSA teachers the NC spokesperson said, “ReT teachers should not be seen as a burden instead they are an asset who have made education possible in the remotest corners of the state. The least government can do for them is to ensure that these teachers get their salaries on time without any hassles.”
While making a case for the aggrieved teachers, Imran said, “Reportedly the government has released salaries for the month of April only and have kept dues of other months pending. Besides the April salary was disbursed without applying the benefits of the 7th pay commission. This is where the confusion has doubled. Earlier teachers working under the SSA scheme, introduced in the state in 2003, have taken benefits of the 6th pay commission, every year incentives are being provided to them but now same is being denied for reasons known to government. The teachers are being told that they are no more permanent employees of the state thereby adding to the chaos and confusion.”
“Why should a teacher suffer just because the government can’t keep its house in order? The frequent changes in ministries have made the matters worse for these employees. It’s time for Mehbooba Mufti and her council of ministers to come out of their comfort zones and do some course correction immediately,” he said.