Expired drugs in hospitals

Expired drugs in hospitals
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The recent revelation about expired drugs being sold at SMHS hospital in Srinagar has once again sent the alarm bells ringing.
It’s unfortunate that authorities have taken people for granted and have started believing that any medicine can be sold at the drug counters of the hospital.
The person who detected that an expired medicine had been given to him had some knowledge about the bar code and other issues. Common man would have never been able to detect the barcode.
One can imagine how many patients would have consumed this expired drug as no one wants to believe that expired drugs are sold at the drug counter of SMHS hospital.
The government should order a probe to ascertain to how many places drugs with changed barcode have been supplied. Are these drugs available in other hospitals and the government run facilities also?
A proper system should be put at place to check such discrepancies and the people who allow such drugs to be passed onto hospital counters need to be taken to task.
People at the helm should realize that they cannot play with the lives of masses who visit the hospital to ensure that they get treated and get well soon. This is a criminal negligence and needs to be taken a strong note of.
People at the top cannot pass on the buck by stating that they cannot keep an eye on everything and such aberrations occur. A few years ago when the issue about spurious drugs being supplied in the open market came to fore it shocked everyone. Its seems that once again the drug mafia has become active and it has started making inroads into Kashmir hospitals. This needs to be checked.