Who’s NDA’s Face In Bihar? What Nitish Kumar Said At Iftar


PATNA: As his party asserted that he must be the face of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Bihar for the 2019 national polls, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar deftly side-stepped questions at an Iftar party on Monday evening.
“This is a special occasion in which I want to see happiness on all faces. Please do not ask about any other face right now,” Mr Kumar, the chief of the Janata Dal United, quipped to reporters at his Iftar.
“All your queries will be answered at an appropriate time. Right now, let us pray that the holy month of Ramzan brings peace and prosperity to Bihar,” he remarked when reporters pressed for a response.
His deputy Sushil Kumar Modi, a senior Bihar BJP leader who was also at the Iftar, had said earlier that the NDA would seek votes in the name of Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s works.
“Narendra Modi is the country’s prime minister while Nitish Kumar is the leader in Bihar. So the votes we will get in Bihar will be in Narendra Modi’s name and in the name of Kumar’s works. I don’t see any contradiction here. Kumar is the face in Bihar while Narendra Modi is the prime ministerial face in the country,” Sushil Kumar Modi told reporters, downplaying the JDU comments.