PDP pats its back for Delhi offering dialogue to Hurriyat

PDP pats its back for Delhi offering dialogue to Hurriyat
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, June 5: Works Minister Naeem Akther has claimed that it was on the insistence of the PDP led government in Jammu and Kashmir that New Delhi has agreed to talk to separatist leaders in Kashmir and announced Ramadan ceasefire in the Valley.
“On the eve of Ramadan, Government of India announced ceasefire and invited Pakistan and Hurriyat for talks to find a solution to Kashmir issue. These initiatives are part of our Agenda of Alliance for which people were always questioning us. Now it is in front of them. Present regime has put the issue (of Kashmir) on the table and asked the other party (Hurriyat and Pakistan) to think over it,” Akther said.
An analyst while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “PDP leaders are taking credit for persuading New Delhi and initiating the move. It seems they too fear that the process won’t move ahead and could get aborted even before it begins.”
He said that Akther also expressed apprehensions about violence may lead to “no dialogue. “The PDP leaders are aware about the fact that situation is uncertain. They are stressing on Hurriyat leaders to come forward and become a part of the process,” the analyst added.
He said that separatists cannot come forward for the dialogue till the ground situation improves and killings stop. “Any dialogue process should have a nod of militant groups as they are the ones who have to respond to the ceasefire offer. They are the ones who can make talks successful. Hurriyat cannot take a decision on its own and enter into negotiations,” he added.
A Kashmir watcher said that PDP leaders should stop taking credit about New Delhi softening its stand vis-à-vis Kashmir and should work on the broader contours of the peace process. “They (PDP) leaders are at the helm and they have to ensure that prevailing uncertainty ends. They have to make New Delhi understand that political dimensions of the Kashmir issue cannot be ignored,” he added.
He said, “Leaders of the ruling party should stop patting their backs for getting the Agenda of Alliance implemented. Their job doesn’t end here. They have got a long way to go.”
A politician said that PDP leaders are trying to score brownie points over their opponents by projecting the talks offer and Ramadan ceasefire as big achievements. “All of us know it very well that even if Hurriyat hold parleys with New Delhi nothing much can be achieved till others are involved. People should stop playing politics over the peace process and should works towards making the atmosphere conducive,” he added.