‘Niti Aayog paper to spur growth in AI jobs in India’

New Delhi, Jun 6: The number of jobs in artificial intelligence may see a jump of 50-60 percent, spurred by a discussion paper released by government’s policy think-tank Niti Aayog that highlights the changing landscape.
Some recruiters expect a rise of about 60 percent this year itself.
The discussion paper titled “National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI)” details the need for upskilling and reskilling the workforce in AI, which is currently being fulfilled by internal and external means.
The paper, has a section dedicated to skilling, and points out that even though India has a large number of technology workers- the Indian IT industry alone employs over nearly 40 lakh people- AI is a skill gap that needs to be filled. AI will also open up new job roles that may not be very popular right now.
A study by EY and National Association of Software and Services Companies, released in January, found that by 2022, around 46 percent of the workforce will be engaged in entirely new jobs that do not exist today, or will be deployed in jobs that have radically changed skill-sets. The NITI Aayog paper notes: “In the IT-BPM sector, traditional software developer roles are set to transition to roles such as computer vision engineers, robotic process automation (RPA) engineers and cloud architects, among others. At the same time, completely new job roles such as language processing specialists and 3D modelling engineers are set to arise as the technologies are increasingly adopted and deployed.” A newsportal spoke to recruitment consultants who were of the view that if artificial intelligence were to be implemented across sectors in a systematic manner, there would be at least 45-55 percent increase in the number of jobs created.