People face shortage of drinking water in Anantnag, Qazigund


Aman Malik

Anantnag, Jun 5: People of several areas, rural as well as urban, here in Anantnag district, face extreme shortage of drinking water. While most of the areas remain without a water supply scheme, others get water which is far from being fit enough for drinking purpose.
Reports said crores of rupees have already been spent on different water supply schemes; however, these schemes are making no difference whatsoever on ground.
In far-flung villages in Anantnag, people, mostly women-folk, still have to tread miles to fetch drinking water. “There is a water tank in the vicinity which was constructed back in the seventies. The population has increased manifold and the water tank is not sufficient for all the people,” said Mohd Yousuf , a resident of Qazigund area in Anantnag district.
Residents of the area said they get a water supply of one-two hours a day, that does not suffice and they are forced to fetch water from the fresh water springs in the vicinity.
In Shangus area of the district, a water supply scheme worth Rs 2 crore was completed, but it does not serve its purpose.
“The water supply system is unable to pump water to the households,” said Muhammad Shaban, a resident. “The scheme was supposed to put an end to the water crisis here, but has been held ransom by the authorities, adding to our miseries,” he added.
The villages affected by non-functioning of the scheme are Kreeri, Khanpora, Mahadphal, and Kanlipora.
The woes of the people in Model Village in the Kokernag area are no less than in other areas. “What kind of a Model Village is this where people cannot afford to have potable drinking water?” said Adil Hameed, a resident.
He said the women-folk still have to tread long distances to fetch water. “We are literally living in stone age. While the world is moving ahead, we are still looking for drinking water,” he stated.
The situation in urban areas of the district is no better than that in the rural ones. People from towns of the district say even though they do get water supplied to their homes, it’s not potable.
“We do not have a filtration plant in our area,” said Shakeel Ahmad, a resident of Bijbehara town.
“The water is so murky that it’s futile to even boil it. We have been pleading with the department concerned but according to them, there is nothing wrong with the water,” he said.
A water supply scheme for Anantnag town has been in the works over the last three years, but is nowhere near completion, adding to the woes of the residents.