Stop killings

Stop killings
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A forces vehicle mowing down a youth at Nowhata in Srinagar’s old city after Friday prayers last week has triggered outrage across Kashmir.
The incident happened despite Police working out a “truce plan” to ensure that Friday prayers are offered without any disturbance. After the youth was crushed to death by the forces vehicle in Nowhata everyone asked one question. Why did the forces vehicle venture into Nowhata when the Police had made no deployments in the area?
The killing of Kaiser Ahmed has once again brought to fore the prevailing uncertainty in the Valley. The deceased youth, who was an orphan, has left behind two teenage sisters, who were entirely dependent on their brother.
It has been established beyond doubt that presence of forces personnel in and around Jamia Masjid in the old city on Fridays leads to confrontation. The people sitting at the top need to put their heads together and come up with a solution so that people are able to offer congregation prayers peacefully and no more killings take place.
The top brass has to ensure that forces personnel stay away from Jamia Masjid on Fridays at least till the people leave after offering congregation prayers. People from across the Valley visit Jamia Masjid on Fridays to offer prayers and it’s the duty of the government and administration to ensure their safety and security.
A few elements who don’t want peace to prevail need to be kept at bay from the grand mosque. It’s high time for the government to take a call and ensure that peace prevails around the Jamia Masjid. Rulers need to act and rein in the forces before it’s too late.