Shahnawaz Qureshi

The greatest fear of writer’s is that they think what they are writing been already written before. But it is not true. You might resemble your writings with the once you have read. But I believe that everybody has his own capability to do the things in a different way.
Once you start it is not about doing different things, but it is about to do the things differently. One has to identify his capabilities and his interests. One should not get disappointed by his small mistakes. Mistakes will definitely make you perfect if you will rectify them as early as possible. One who is passionate enough can write about anything, rather be it a ‘Table’ or a ‘Book’. You need to believe in yourself, that will In Sha Allah lead you to the greater heights.
Some people start losing their hope very early, they become afraid about the opinion of people. Weather the people will like their work or not. But if it is your passion, don’t worry about the reviews then. Try to like your work yourself, because you yourself are your best judge. You yourself can understand your strong zones.
A good writer’s mind should be full of optimistic ideas. Negativity will kill you and your work. Try to inculcate moral values in yourself. Write about ideas that will make our society a better place to live. The ideas that are accepted by all.
Sometimes imagination can help you as well. You can use imagination as a tool to bring the better things on paper. Your ideas can change the life of many people. Once you start, you will see that the imperfections of your past will definitely make you perfect. And then no one can stop you to become a good writer.