Healthy foods to fight blood pressure

Here are a few items that you should STOCK up to reduce your blood pressure levels
Fighting blood pressure and sugar levels while craving for food might be a difficult job.
Here a few food items that can help you lower your blood pressure levels and keep it at a normal level.
Spinach – Spinach is loaded with magnesium and also contains potassium which are key ingredients for lowering and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. So add more greens to your daily dish and enjoy a healthy life minus all the pressure.
Dark chocolate – Well, this certainly does not mean that you binge upon chocolate. But it is found that eating about 25-30 calories a day (flavanols are present in dark chocolates) can lower the blood pressure levels in your body.
Skimmed milk – It provides calcium, potassium and Vitamin D which together help in reducing blood pressure levels and keep your body healthy.
Tomatoes – Rich in antioxidants, tomatoes also help bring down your blood pressure levels.
Soya beans – These beans are full of potassium so they help fight rising pressure levels in your body.
So load your plate with the above mentioned food, and remain hearty and healthy.