Consider release of all political prisoners on Eid: Bhat to Govt

Srinagar, Jun 4: Vice Chairman of Muslim Wakf Board Nizamuddin Bhat has said that government should consider release of all political prisoners and consider release of those on parole who are undergoing trial in different cases.
Bhat said such a decision on eve of Eid-ul-Fitr will come as relief to suffering families. “This will also help strengthen the initiatives being taken in the direction of peace and engagement.”
Bhat also demanded that Government should provide cash relief to all the patients undergoing treatment in hospitals of the state for life-threatening diseases like cancer and have meager resources to meet the expenses. This, he said, can be done over and above the medical assistance provide through normal channels.
Completing his three day tour of Bandipora, he said that people of the state have been facing economic distress and mental agonies which warrant a humane approach and added compassion.
He said while chief minister Mehbooba Mufti shared pain of the people, the situation that obtains continues to mar any good move being taken by her and the administration. Bhat said ceasefire move did effect some positive change in the overall atmosphere. “So are people-friendly utterance from New Delhi helping to further ease the complex situation. But more needs to done to link every good move with a visibly sustainable process.”
He said there has to be a consistency in the positive action so that a result-oriented process is built to culminate into resolution of issues that cause outrage and instability and devour the time and resource.
Bhat said it is an irony that India and Pakistan refuse to meet and mitigate the sufferings of their own people. “There is also a scant regard for loss of lives, energy and resource that is now denying a much needed settlement for the sake of two countries and their future.”
Bhat said with India and Pakistan delaying a decisive moment for peace and resolution, a generation is loosing faith in the system and denigrates institutions of public importance.
Bhat said people raise questions on efficacy of judicial and welfare apparatus which they feel do not function to meet the complexities and distress arising out of the situation. “Orphans, widows, disabled, mentally challenged, people languishing in jails, lying almost unattended in health institutions, unemployed and abandoned is what makes out society now. This needs extra care and effort,” he said.
Bhat appealed civil society and Kashmir specific political and religious organizations to strike a common ground, at least for reducing violence and poor politicization of all human issues. He said Eid-ul-Fitr provides a chance for a right appraisal to join heads for a discourse that unites all of us for saving the society from further dissipation, stress and sickness. “It is in the interest of none to sit at ravaging devastation of values and culture which alone could unite and prosper.”