Multi-Lakh ‘Financial mismanagement’ brings DIET Kupwara to disrepute

Srinagar, Jun 3: As the government is struggling to manage the monthly salary of the beleaguered Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers, a shocking ‘mismanagement’ and ‘swindling’ of more than thirty five lakh rupees has come to fore in the District Institute of Education and Trainings ( DIET) Kupwara.
The Institute which is supposed to provide the trainings to teachers has turned out to be the golden mine for Anganwari Workers, Horticulture and Sericulture workers instead as these people have been engaged for training the teachers at least on records.
What is more ironic is that the DIET has invited these workers as Guest Speakers but forgot to invite teachers as trainees? The official records reveal the dirt within the once prestigious Training Institute of North Kashmir which if probed properly, is bound to roll many heads including the Principal who according to sources has been the Centrifugal forces for all alleged ‘misconduct and mismanagement’ bringing the institute to ruins and disrepute.
The official communications lying with a news agency reveal that the Principal is not only shielding but encouraging the corrupt faculty members who have resorted to wide scale financial embezzlements from last many years with the help of Clarks from DIET to CEO office Kupwara. One of the most shocking revelation of the whole alleged Scandal is the ‘illegal’ Posting of a lecturer who has allegedly ‘embezzled’ nearly ten lakh rupees single handedly as In charge Trainings even as he had been relieved by none other than the Director School Education Kashmir himself one and a half years back. The lecturer Mohammad Yasin Mir (Economics) is working in the DIET Kupwara since March 2013 with a short break from 29-08-2009 to 09-04-2012. The concerned lecturer as per the sources is designated as In -charge Trainings in the DIET Since 2009 , however , was not only transferred but even relieved by the Director School Education , Kashmir in 2017 Vide Govt. Order No. 292of DSEK dated 27-02-2017. Surprisingly the lecturer is still working in the institute, albeit ‘illegally’ bringing the role of the Principal under Scanner. Sources in the institute asked as how come was Mr. Mir allowed staying on, even after being directly relieved by the Director. They alleged that a deep nexus between Principal and Mir has costed the institute heavily.
Official records suggest that 9,90000/= were misused in the institute during the financial year 2014-15 in which at least 10,000- 18,000 rupees were paid to Coordinators/ Assistant Coordinators under a sub-division of 06 phases of 5 days each. The interesting thing is that some guest speakers like Aganwari Workers/ Sericulture and Horticulture Workers were paid out of the component but No teacher advice as trainees is found. This isn’t all; even a supply dealer has also been paid 1.2 Lakh rupees from the same component.
The DIET authorities have reportedly done a huge misappropriation in the Central Sponsored Schemes in OE and Programme activities sectors. The official records reveal that an amount of 9.41 Lakh was received by DIET vide order Number 01 SIEK of 2015 dated 08/12/2015 and 5.15 Lakh drawn vide allotment Number 9753 DSEK of 2015-15 Dated 24-03-2016 however, there is no utilization and stock register maintained which hints of a possible ‘mismanagement’. Sources maintained that the stock registers are being frequently changed possibly to keep the ‘frauds’ under wrap. The purchases of stock for 2014-15 amounting to more than ten lakh remained unpaid and later paid in the next financial year for which no stock register or entry is seen in the Institute records making the transactions murky. (KNS)