Diet vs Exercise: What really works?

Great news! You don’t have to starve yourself to get that perfect, fat-free frame. Because even if you lose weight through dieting alone, your body won’t easily burn fat.
To rev up your fat-burning engines, focus less on how often you empty your plate and more on how often you walk.
Burn it: When a group of sedentary and overweight older adults recently tested three weight loss systems — exercise only (mostly walking), diet only, and exercise plus diet — the results were predictable. When it came to fat burning, the walkers won hands down over those who simply watched what they ate.
A Little Helps: Just 30 minutes of daily walking gives you a host of health benefits besides extra fat burning, including more disease protection and better stress prevention.
Control your Cravings: The trick to avoiding a candy binge? Surprising as this sounds: Put the minipacks away, and take a small handful from a big bag instead.
Treats in small-size packages can trick even careful eaters into overindulging. In a recent study, people concerned about their waistlines ate more high-calorie snacks when given small bags instead of big ones.
Persuasive Packs: In a recent study, minipacks of foods like candies and little cookies led people to go overboard because they viewed the smaller portions as “healthier” versions of high-calorie treats. And careful eaters were less likely to even open big bags of candy, unlike snack packs. Which means small bags may do a better job of luring you into high-calorie munching in the first place.
Portion Control: According to the study, minis don’t seem to make everyone overeat — only those who are concerned about managing their weight. People who weren’t concerned about gaining weight munched more snacks from large bags than small ones. Either way, what it all boils down to is portion control. And practicing this eating trick can make you a master at it.