Men need to introspect

Men need to introspect
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A new chronicle about atrocities on women released by the Crime Branch of Jammu and Kashmir Police has made the startling revelations.
The crimes against women instead of showing decline are increasing with each passing day.
It’s strange that despite women standing out in all the fields and shouldering equal responsibilities along with men are still becoming the victims of violence and the atrocities.
It’s disturbing to note that Police in 2016 registered 2920 cases of rape, molestation, kidnapping and abduction, eve-teasing, dowry-death and other crimes while in 2017 the number of such cases swelled to 3363.
Everyone in Kashmir is of the opinion that we need to give all the respect to women folk and treat them equally. People have always cut across their ideologies and have stressed on the need to protect the women and their rights.
Kashmir as a society needs to change. The perverted mindset towards women is dangerous. First of all we have to learn to respect women and safeguard their rights.
The government is making laws stringent but these need to be implemented. All of us need to bear in mind that we are the ones who have to be part of the change and the charity begins at home.
Whenever the question about protecting the integrity of women is discussed men leave no opportunity to deliver big sermons. It’s unfortunate that they don’t practice what they preach and at the end they are the ones who become the perpetrators. Men need to introspect and find out the reasons about why the women are unsafe in our society and who is responsible for it.