Two plus two should add up to four is never the case in politics: Nitin Gadkari

Union Minister says the Opposition has come together due to the fear that was created in its ranks by Prime Minister Modi and the BJP’s expansion
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari speaks to The Hindu on a range of issues such as Air India disinvestment, ally Shiv Sena, Opposition parties joining hands, special category status for Andhra Pradesh and whether BJP has delivered on its promise of Acche Din. Excerpts from an interview:
Thursday is the last day for interested bidders to submit their bids for Air India disinvestment, and since you are part of the group of Ministers overseeing the stake sale, what will happen to the process if no one comes forward?We still have one more day to go… Let us see how the response is and then we will take a decision.One of the many reasons private players have been apprehensive about the Air India stake sale is that the government has decided to retain 24% stake. Why won’t the government pull out of Air India completely?Air India carries a sentimental value for the country (Air India ke saath desh ki ek bhavna judi hui hai). That is why 51% stake will be with a company owned by an Indian citizen and the government will keep 24% stake with itself, while a foreign player can buy the remaining share.It was worth ?400 crore when we disinvested it. We retained 26% share. Today, that company is worth ?2 lakh crore and the value of our share is ?55,000 crore.
Oil prices are at an all-time high. Any plan to bring relief to the citizens?
Right now petrol and diesel don’t come under GST. Once they are brought under GST, oil prices will drop by ?5-?6 and at the same time State governments will see a boost in their revenue.The alliance with the Shiv Sena looks to be like a marriage that requires counselling.Do you unerstand Marathi? There is a Marathi saying, “Tujha majha zame na, tujha vachun karme na” (neither can we live with each other.