How Air Force’s ‘Bambi Bucket’ Op Helped After Delhi Fire Raged For Hours

NEW DELHI: Early this morning, an MLH class helicopter of the Indian Air Force flew over the national capital with bambi bucket to contain the fire that broke out yesterday in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar area. The fire, classified as the “highest category” blaze in Delhi in recent times, had started around 5 in the evening.Around 80 fire engines were sent and firemen were at work all night to stop the blaze from spreading to neighbouring buildings, including a school. “Around midnight a request was received at HQ Western Air Command for containing a fire at Malviya Nagar in Delhi,” the Indian Air Force said in statement. After the helicopter took stock of the situation, Bambi buckets filled with water from the Yamuna reservoir were dispatched.The helicopter made several sorties to pour water to contain the fire which was visible from much of South Delhi. Approximately 8,000 litres of water was used in the operation.“This was the first time the Bambi ops was done in an urban situation wherein the nitty gritties of drop are very precise owing to high rises around and chances of collateral damage,”