BJP has new brand ambassador

BJP has new brand ambassador
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Bharatiya Janata President Party Amit Shah has reportedly given a free hand to the ousted party minister Chaudary Lal Singh to carry on with his activities.
Since the day Singh has been sacked from the council of ministers in Jammu and Kashmir he has been out on the streets to seek CBI probe into the Kathua rape and murder case. Many people had started speculating that Lal Singh is out on Jammu streets to form the Third Front and he may split the BJP into two in Jammu region.
Amit Shah seems to have realized that BJP cannot afford to lose its support base in Jammu region and he has put his weight behind Lal Singh by allowing him to carry forward his activities. But he has told him that he should not create a notion that he (Singh) is out of BJP’s fold.
Despite entering into a power sharing agreement with the Peoples Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir the BJP has not compromised on the issues which can disturb its voter base in the Jammu region. On the other hand PDP has made huge compromises and in the process it has lost its voter base in the Valley.
The PDP should learn from the BJP and at least make an attempt to regain the ground it has lost during the past three and a half years. BJP by giving freehand to Lal Singh seems to have launched its campaign for the forthcoming parliamentary polls. BJP’s agenda is clear that it supports the “genuine” and “in genuine” demands of the people. And it would stand with them come what may. It looks like that BJP wants to groom Lal Singh as its brand ambassador for the 2019 parliamentary polls.