After Donald Trump pardon, Dinesh D’Souza slams attorney who indicted him saying ‘Karma is a b*tch’

In his fifth pardon as President, Donald Trump Thursday defended Dinesh D’Souza saying he had been “treated very unfairly” by the government.
A day after being granted a full pardon by US President Donald Trump, Indian American political commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza Thursday targeted former attorney Preet Bharara — who had indicted him in 2014 for violating federal campaign law — for wanting to “destroy a fellow Indian American to advance his career”. He added that “Karma is a b*tch” as Bharara was later fired while he has been let off.
D’Souza further alleged that Bharara had threatened to add an additional prison term of five years if he did not accept the plea bargain he was given during his conviction — he was sentenced to eight months in a halfway house and given five years probation along with a $30,000 fine after pleading guilty to committing fraud. Bharara, meanwhile, defending the conviction saying D’Souza had “voluntarily pled guilty.” Taking to Twitter, he said, “The President has the right to pardon but the facts are these: D’Souza intentionally broke the law, voluntarily pled guilty, apologized for his conduct & the judge found no unfairness. The career prosecutors and agents did their job. Period.” Bharara was appointed the US attorney in Manhattan by the Obama administration in 2009 and was fired by Trump in March 2017. He was one of the 46 appointees made by former US President Barack Obama who were asked to tender their resignations. In his fifth pardon as President, Trump Thursday defended D’Souza saying he had been “treated very unfairly” by the government. He claimed his prosecution had been politically motivated. D’Souza is an ardent Trump supporter and outspoken critic of Obama. D’Souza expressed gratitude to Trump for restoring his faith in the country. “Obama & his stooges tried to extinguish my American dream & destroy my faith in America. Thank you @realDonaldTrump for fully restoring both,” he tweeted. “My heartfelt thanks to those who prayed for me, supported me & reached out on social media to President Trump to pardon me.”