Rajnath punctures ceasefire balloon?

Rajnath punctures ceasefire balloon?
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, May 30: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has hinted at the possibility about Ramadan ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir not being extended as he has termed it as “temporary suspension” of operations against the militants.
He said that the operations against the militants had not been stopped during the holy month of Ramadan but had just been suspended. “It is not ceasefire but a temporary suspension of operations,” he said, adding that the army is free to respond to any attack.
An insider revealed that New Delhi has asked the ruling Peoples Democratic Party not to push for the extension of Ramadan ceasefire and allow it to handle the security related issues on its own. “The Union Home Minister has made it clear that operations have been suspended temporarily. He has punctured the much hyped ceasefire balloon,” the insider added.
A source said that the Home Minister calling Ramadan “ceasefire” as “temporary suspension of operations” has not gone well with the ruling PDP as the party is projecting it as one of the “biggest” Confidence Building Measure in the history of J&K during the past 30-years. “PDP leaders have been working hard to persuade New Delhi to take Kashmir specific CBMs so that it can somehow regain the ground it has lost during the past three years,” he added.
An analyst while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “The PDP knows it very well that nothing has gone in its favour. The only thing which can allow the party regain its lost ground is that New Delhi shows flexibility and gives up its military approach towards Kashmir.”
“Everyone knows that PDP has to persuade New Delhi to give up its rigidity and restore the semblance of normalcy in the Valley,” he said, adding that “Central government appointing Dineshwar Sharma as its special representative has not helped PDP’s cause as the separatists refused to meet him. The ruling party knows that crisis are knocking at its door and these can only be defused by persuading the separatists to join the talks process.”
A Kashmir watcher said, “If New Delhi calls off the ceasefire or temporary suspension of the operations against militants after Ramadan it would once again create a void and PDP would be pushed on the back foot.”
He said, “The ruling party is caught in the catch-22 situation. It’s grappling with number of issues. Only New Delhi can pull it out from the prevailing crisis. But Union Home Minister’s statement has added to the worries of the ruling party.”