How to utilise citrus fruit peels

Citrus peels can be used in myriad ways at home, and making use of the peels not only saves you money, it also brings some wonderful results.
Use lemon peel to bathe. It leaves your body and hair smelling fresh and clean.
Add any citrus peel to a pitcher of water and put in the refrigerator. It gives a soothing fragrance and mild flavour to water.
Add a slice of citrus peel to brown sugar to prevent it from going hard.
Use dried citrus peel to freshen up that smelly sock or underwear drawer. Place the peels inside a sachet first and it will create a beautiful scent. Place dried citron peel into closets and wardrobes to ward off the moths.
You can use orange or lemon peels to make your breath smell great. Chew the peel and you’ll find it’s a good substitute for mints and gum.
Place any citrus peel in a pan with a little water, and let it simmer to freshen up the house.
Use citrus peel as a fixative for potpourri. Dry the peel until it turns crisp and grind it coarsely and add to potpourri as needed.
Citrus peel work well for roasting chicken. Put peel into the chicken and roast. You will find a great smelling and good tasting chicken.moulds and store them for future use.