Politics about talks

Politics about talks
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During the past few days the top leaders in New Delhi seem to have softened their stand vis-à-vis holding talks with Pakistan. The beginning was made by the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who announced that Government of India is ready to talk to Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir and Pakistan separately.
External Affairs Minister Sushma Sawraj on Monday reiterated that talks can be held with Pakistan if its stops supporting militants.
Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu, who visited Jammu on Monday stated that talks can be held with Pakistan if changes its tactics.
It looks like that people sitting in New Delhi want to med the fences with Pakistan before 2019 parliamentary elections are held. At present Pakistan has got a caretaker Prime Minister at place and he cannot take any policy decision. So technically there in no one in Pakistan who can respond to the talks proposal being put forward by India.
It looks like that New Delhi is hoping that the new dispensation in Pakistan may change its foreign policy and its approach towards India. And may give up Kashmir as the BJP led NDA government has made it clear that no talks can be held over Kashmir with Pakistan. The big question is can Pakistan forget Kashmir and talk other issues with India? Many people that Pakistan politicians cannot afford it. An attempt is being made by New Delhi to create a notion that its ready for talks and ball is in the court of Pakistan. If both the countries want to hold talks then they would have to show some flexibility and pave the way for the peace.