Black marketing of kerosene going on with impunity in Anantnag

Aman Malik

Anantnag, May 29: Giving a damn to norms, buses trucks and other diesel vehicles have been using kerosene oil with impunity while Government kerosene oil depot owners seem to make fortunes by selling kerosene in black.
Source said that the black marketing of kerosene oil, meant for general public is going on with impunity in Anantnag district particularly Vailoo, Qazigund, Shangus, Phalgam and Verinag areas. On one hand locals rue the shortage of Kerosene oil who have to face the brunt of power shortage also during the winter & summer months mostly and on the other hand depot owners were making fortunes to sell the kerosene oil in black to drivers and conductors of buses and trucks including school buses.
Local appealed the concerned authorities to go for a intense checking to these vehicles and book their owners, drivers and conductors for using kerosene oil in the vehicle adding the air pollution hazards in the areas. They added the tehsil supply officer and Assistant Director of CAPD must take the cognizance of the matter.