Uncertainty prevails

Uncertainty prevails
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The separatist camp in Kashmir has not out rightly rejected the dialogue offer extended by the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. The separatist leaders have said that they are ready to talk but prior to that New Delhi should except that Kashmir is a dispute and it needs to be resolved.
Last week the Union Home Minister had stated that the Government of India is ready to talk to Hurriyat but he had put a rider that no talks over Kashmir would be held with Pakistan. He had even stated that “Kashmir and Kashmiris belong to India.”
It looks like that both New Delhi and the separatist camp in Kashmir have drawn a line and no one wants to cross it. Rajnath Singh knows it very well that separatists won’t cross the line while the separatists also know it very well that Delhi won’t change its stand.
Possibility about separatists holding talks with New Delhi look bleak. New Delhi by offering a conditional dialogue to Hurriyat seems to be aimed at sending a message to its ally Peoples Democratic Party that BJP is following the Agenda of Alliance.
Emerging situation in Kashmir is proving to be a big challenge for the GoI. After following a tough policy for the past four years the BJP is softening its stand vis-à-vis Kashmir in the election year and is hoping that its gestures would be reciprocated. But the violence which the Valley, especially south Kashmir, has witnessed since 2015 has added to alienation and many people are not in favour of holding talks with New Delhi.
The special representative appointed by New Delhi on Kashmir Dineshwar Sharma too has not been able to break the ice and meet the separatist leaders. It looks like that void is too deep and cannot be filled.