Land owners lock Govt Schools in Ganderbal

G. N. Raina

Ganderbal, May 28: Most of the Primary and Middle schools of central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district were locked down by land owners as a protest to press their various demands including regularization of their service .
Sources said that most of the Government run middle and primary schools were locked by land owners due to which the students and teachers faced lot of difficulties.
The teachers said that despite repeated requests of opening the schools, the land owners didn’t opened them .
They said the students were either sent back to their homes or conducted classes in open sky.
One of the land owner Nizam u Din Chohan of Middle School Ramwari Gund told Precious Kashmir that he has provided land free of cost for construction of school buildings only after he was promised a job in Education Department.
“I have been discharging the duties in school since last 20 years on a meager monthly salary of two hundred fifty rupees. Government has failed to provide me a job due to which I am unable to meet needs of my family.
“The governments should either provide job or we(land owners) will completely lock the schools and will not allow anybody to enter school premises,” he said .
The land owners threatened to completely locking of schools if government fails to redress their demands.
Chief Education Officer told Precious Kashmir that only few schools were locked rest functioned normally.