Stop ‘selling’ ceasefire

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The mainstream parties, especially the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are trying to build a narrative in the state to seek extension of the Ramadan ceasefire announced by the central government.
A notion is being created that ceasefire would be extended and it would bring relief for the people. One hopes that PDP succeeds in getting the ceasefire extended but the leaders of the ruling party should bear in mind that they should not create much hype about it as there is no guarantee about whether the Centre would agree to its proposal or not.
The ruling party is leaving no opportunity to claim that Centre agreed for a ceasefire due to the efforts of the PDP leaders. No chance is being spared to “sell” this achievement.
Attempts are being made to tell people that as if nothing has happened in the past and they should forget what they have faced. Despite PDP playing a major role is persuading Centre to suspend the operations in Ramadan month the party is still grappling with number of issues. The PDP has lost ground in south Kashmir, which was considered its bastion. People seem to have lost faith and the PDP MLAs, whom the people voted for in 2014 assembly elections, are reluctant to go back to them and listen to their grievances. PDP leaders have lost contact with their ground workers. If the present regime completes its full term then the PDP leaders and ministers can sit back and relax as they have more than two and half years to go. But what after the present government completes its tenure?
The PDP leaders need to wake up and face the ground realities rather than projecting small gestures of New Delhi as a big victory for themselves.