War no solution

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India and Pakistan armies exchanging heavy fire on the International border in Jammu district has triggered a war like situation in the winter capital.
On Wednesday five civilians were killed and thirty others were injured in Hiranagar, Samba, Kathua, Arnia and RS Pura areas of Jammu division in the shelling which continued throughout the night.
The cross border shelling and firing have been going on for the past many years. Civilians on both the sides are the worst victims as they have to face the brunt.
During the past three years scores of civilians have died and hundreds have sustained injuries in the cross border firing and shelling. The situation has taken an ugly turn since the day both India and Pakistan have stopped talking to each other. Since that day guns are roaring and civilians are dying.
The Kashmir based politicians have been repeatedly urging India and Pakistan to stop the bloodshed but no one has paid any heed towards their repeated pleas.
Conditions on the LoC and International border seem very dangerous and it looks like that both the countries are preparing for a war. If leaders of both the countries don’t start talking to each other there is every possibility about a bigger confrontation breaking out which can engulf the whole state and can even spread to other states which are close to the frontiers.
India and Pakistan need to talk to end this bloodshed. The leaders of both the countries need to give up rigidity and sit across the table to find an amicable solution to all the problems which are emerging as a big threat for both India and Pakistan. War won’t solve any issues. It would complicate the situation further.