Narrow roads causing inconvenience to people in Kulgam town

Aman Malik

Anantnag, May 24: The business fraternity and the locals of Kulgam town rue that the roads of the town are too narrow, causing inconvenience to the public.
The locals say after Kulgam became a district, the traffic has increased in the town. However, the narrow roads remain a cause of concern for all.
“Traffic jams have become so frequent that it never takes one less than half an hour to cross the market of the town ,” said Nazir, a local.
The shopkeepers say that they cannot do their business properly because of traffic jams, “Locals are reluctant to shop in the town because there is no parking space and if one parks a car on the roadside the whole traffic gets blocked within minutes,” said Muzafar Iqbal , a shopkeeper.
Moreover, the shopkeepers say that they cannot get their goods unloaded during the day time.
The patients of the district too suffer because of the problem, “The fruit Mandi of the town is in close proximity to the hospital and these days the fruit mandi is the busiest. The narrow road hinders the free flow of the traffic in the vicinity of the hospital ,” said a medical shop owner.
The locals added that the administration is doing nothing to put the things under control, “We do not demand overnight widening of the roads. However, there are certain steps the administration can take,” adds a local.
He says that a bus stand, worth crores of rupees was constructed outside the market but the transporters have refused to move there. “They keep their vehicles on the road worsening the situation further,” said another local.
The district administration maintains that they are taking steps for the betterment of the scenario.
“We have sealed the two old bus stands in the town and converted them into private parkings. This will ease the parking crunch as well as the transporters will have no choice but to use the new bus stand,” said a senior official in the district administration.