Follow tenets of 2003 ceasefire agreement in letter and spirit: Tarigami to Indo-Pak

Srinagar, May 24: Expressing deep concern over the increased incidents of ceasefire violation on the border and resultant deaths, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami on Thursday urged the leadership of India and Pakistan to follow the tenets of 2003 ceasefire agreement in letter and spirit to defuse the situation.
The spokesman said shelling and firing on both sides of the border has only resulted in killings, destruction of property, closure of educational institutions and displacement of thousands and thousands of border dwellers. The violent approach will neither benefit India, nor Pakistan. And such approach always has a devastating effect on the people of J&K.
It is tragic that the civilians on both sides of the border are losing their lives for no fault of theirs. Hundreds of lives are lost due to hawkish posturing by those in power in both the countries and it is unfortunate that no serious efforts are made to restore peace and normalcy on the borders. Apart from this, precious lives of the armed and border forces are also lost in frequent skirmishes described as border actions by the rulers on both sides, which also lead to disturbance of daily lives of the people.
The heads of the two neighbouring countries must arrest the downslide in border situation which has generated fear and panic among the people there. The border skirmishes – whoever is to blame, whatever the cause – risk the prosperity and security of two countries that have far more in common than the areas of suspicion and discord.
The ceasefire agreement signed between the two armies in 2003 was the biggest gift for the people living on both sides of the Line of Control and International Border in Jammu and Kashmir. However, unfortunately, for the past some years, ceasefire violation on the border has become a daily routine giving nightmares to border residents.
The political leadership of both the countries should start an immediate structured and sustainable dialogue to find a solution to the problems. The leadership of both the countries must utilise the resources for well being of the millions of poor people living in India and Pakistan. For what purpose both the countries are purchasing weapons and ammunition for billions of dollars? Millions of people live in a pitiable condition in both the countries because of the never-ending hostilities between India and Pakistan. The money, the resources and the energy which is being consumed by wars and violence could have been utilised for the betterment of poor.