Can’t help if Rahul Gandhi sees RSS in everything: Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday dismissed Rahul Gandhi’s claim that the government wants to appoint officers of RSS’s choice in central services, saying he cannot help if the Congress chief sees the Hinduva organisation in everything.
He was responding to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet in the wake of a proposal seeking to bring in major changes in the allocation of services to candidates who clear the all-India examination.
It reveals Modi’s plan to appoint officers of RSS’s choice into the central services by manipulating the merit list using subjective criteria, instead of exam rankings, Rahul andhi claimed.“Tell me where the RSS comes in this? The examination will continue as it does now, there will be no arbitrary control over who will pass it. It is about evaluating performance in training. It is anyway a suggestion and no decision has been taken? Where does the RSS come in this? He sees the RSS in everything. What I can do,” Amit Shah told a press conference. He was asked to comment on Gandhi’s tweet.The BJP chief also made light of the opposition’s likely show of unity during the swearing-in ceremony of the Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka on Wednesday.To a question about comments of his rivals that it will help create an atmosphere in the opposition’s favour, he said the political environment is very much in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Shah reiterated his claim that the BJP will come back to power with more number of seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
Asked about the rising prices of petrol and diesel, he said the government at the highest level is concerned about it and it will come out with some mechanism in a few days to deal with the issue.