Civil Society Forum Kashmir not happy with functioning of JLNM Hospital

Srinagar, May 22: JLNM Hospital is situated in the heart of old city and caters vast area of Srinagar city and other adjacent district. This hospital is having 150 bed capacities and with an average OPD loads of 1800 patients per day. Besides providing basic facilities like General Medicine, surgery, obstetrics/Gynae, ENT, optholomology like Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Hematology, cardiology, plastic surgery and Onco surgery. It is in place to mention here that high end orthopaedic surgeries like total Hip replacement, knee replacement are being routinely performed in this hospital. The cardiology department is equipped with ECHO and TMT machine and pace maker is routinely implanted. Ophthalmology department of this hospital has operated around 2500 patients for Cataract surgery in the year 2017-18 which is a remarkable achievement .Minimal access surgical unit has been established in this hospital and on average 6 patients are operated in this unit per day. Total numbers of surgeries per day is 30-35/day.
However Government has failed in providing appropriate support to the hospital in terms of manpower, equipment’s and other resources
Sanction staff is less than 57 doctors for 150 beds. Average daily visit of OPD is 1800 with an average of 2 doctors giving 3 minutes to a single patient ophthalmology has only one consultant against 2500 surgeries done in 2017-18 only one laparoscopic unit for last 4 years against 3000 surgeries in last year. Over 2000 deliveries 5 to 6 done every day without any intensive care support (ICU,NICO,PICO) putting the life of mothers as well as new born at high risk there are no DNB courses in the hospital which leads to a highly compromised patient care after 4pm only one orthopedic consultant is available and post operative care gets highly compromised due to no DNB course further to our shock it was found that there are no refrigerator and Dehumidifier and medicine are not even properly stored which compromises and raises question on the quality of the medicine no drug and therapeutics committee in place in the hospital, no hospital formulary, No SOPS for drug procurement, storage and distribution. No drug sales counter for OPD patients. Pharmacist Incharge of main store has never undergone training in drug store and distribution practices during 22 years of his career. Both OPD and IPD drug store closes at 04:00 pm.
All free drugs are not available as the supply of drugs is awaited from JKMSCL. The emergency medicines are made available to the patients from other hospital resources. The lifts installed in the IPD block have not been handed over to the hospital authority by the executing authority JKPCC
Since last four years keeping in view the work load there is scarcity of Doctors and paramedical staff in this Hospital.
CSFK in strong words congratulate and thank the doctors and medical staff OF JLNM for doing a remarkable service out of limited resources
CSFK will further take up all the issues related to JLNM hospital with the Health minister J&K state and other consult authorities.