Prices of essential commodities rise during Ramadhan in Anantnag

Aman Malik

Anantnag, May 21: The prices of fruits, vegetables and meat in Anantnag town have risen sharply during the holy month of Ramadhan.
The locals also complained that the state government has not ensured enough measures to keep a check on the rising food prices.
They said the shopkeepers have been taking undue advantage of the festival season and have been selling these essential commodities at varying prices, pegged by them.
Shabir Ahmad, a local, said that Muslims feel the pinch when they buy fruits, vegetables and meat at such inflated prices, but festivities leave them with no other alternative.
“In the holy month of Ramadan when prices should have been low, the situation in Kashmir is completely opposite. Here, at this time, the prices have skyrocketed especially that of fruits. It’s being sold in one place at Rs. 40 and in another place at Rs. 50 or at even Rs. 80, there is no fixed price,” said Shabir.
“Government is claiming that they have been monitoring the markets, but situation still remains bad,” he added.
The locals blamed the state government, particularly the Consumer Affairs Public Distribution (CAPD) Department for not monitoring and checking the market prices during the month of Ramadan, when shopkeepers tend to fix prices at high rates.
“The government is to be blamed or rather the food supplies department who has not been checking the rates in the markets. I went to a meat shop and asked the price, he quoted it to be Rs. 420 when the government has fixed it at Rs. 400.
Fruits are being sold at varying prices, watermelon and fruits are local products, they should be the least priced. Vegetables are also being sold at extremely high prices, what will a poor man eat?” he added.