No politics, only development

No politics, only development
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi winded up his 14-hour whirlwind tour of Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu with a promise that he would turn Jammu and Kashmir into a model state.
He inaugurated a few completed projects and laid a foundation stone of the other works. His message to Kashmiri youth was clear that they should shun the guns and return home.
Many people were expecting that PM Modi would extend a hand of friendship towards Pakistan to pave the way for resumption of talks between the two countries. But it did not happen.
The Prime Minister during his speeches in Leh, Srinagar and Jammu made it clear that development is the only way forward. He ignored Pakistan and didn’t speak about the Kashmir issue.
Since the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come into power he has maintained that Kashmir is “no issue” and it has been settled long back. The policy of BJP led NDA government has been clear that dissent in Kashmir has to be curbed. And the people who talk about United Nations resolutions and other promises need to be ignored.
People sitting in New Delhi want Kashmir to become a part and parcel of new India. They want the people to forget the past and march ahead. Mainstream parties keep on reminding New Delhi about the political connotations of Kashmir but they know it very well that people sitting in Centre are in no mood to listen. They have compromised with their fate and have realized that its upto New Delhi to start talks with Islamabad and they cannot force anyone to hold the parleys.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message is clear that everyone is welcome to talk about development but suggestions to resolve Kashmir are not welcome.