Ceasefire in J&K not for militants: Amit Shah

Ceasefire in J&K not for militants: Amit Shah
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New Delhi, May 19: BJP President Amit Shah on Saturday said that the ceasefire announced by the Centre in Jammu and Kashmir during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan does not apply to militants.

“Don’t take the ceasefire decision in a wrong way,” Shah said while speaking at the India TV Conclave here.

“When the army or paramilitary forces take action, it is not limited to terrorists only,” he said.

“A big area has to be covered, schools and homes have to be vacated and after that action is taken. So, the decision was taken to take no action during Ramadan.”

At the same time he said that if militants carry out attacks, “our soldiers are free to take action”.

“This ceasefire is not for militants. This ceasefire is for people to discharge their religious rituals in a peaceful manner,” Shah said.

“The BJP government has taken the decision to ruthlessly uproot militancy,” he added.

The Centre on Wednesday announced a ceasefire in the troubled state, asking security forces to halt their operations during the Ramadan to help “peace loving Muslims” observe the holy month in a peaceful environment.