Anantnag town faces power curtailment at Iftar, Sehri

Aman Malik
Anantnag, May 20: Despite assurance from Power Development Department that there will be no be power curtailments during Iftar and Sehri, people of Anantnag town say they have no such respite.
A delegation of people from Anantnag town told Precious Kashmir that curtailments have become routine during Iftar and Sehri times. They complained that load shedding is being witnessed for more than an hour during Iftar time.
“With sufficient availability of electricity this time round the PDD should not have resorted to this unscheduled cut that too at Iftar and Sehri time,” said members of the delegation, adding that one fails to understand why this load shedding is carried during the holy Ramadhan.